Gaelic of the Week

Each week we try, as a family, to learn a phrase or two and use it where we can.

Week commencing Mon 13th Feb

English Gaelic Phonetics
Listen Èist Ayssht
Sit down Suidh sios Sue shee-as
Stand up Seas suas Shase soo-as

Week commencing Mon 6th Feb

English Gaelic Phonetics
Excuse me Gabh mo leisgeul Gav mo layskal

Week commencing Mon 30th Jan

English Gaelic Phonetics
Please Ma ‘s e do thoil e Ma ssheh doh hol e
Thank you (informal) Tapadh leat Tapa let
Thank you (formal/plural) Tapadh leibh Tapa leave

Week commencing Mon 23rd Jan

We’re always working on these – we count on the way up the stairs and practise colours on the way down.

English Gaelic Phonetics
Red dearg jerrack
Orange orains orange
Yellow buidhe Boo-yah
Green uaine oo-an-y
Blue gorm gorrom
Purple purpaidh poorpee
Pink pinc pink
Black dubh doo
White geal Gy-eh-il
Grey glas glass
Brown donn down
English Gaelic Phonetics
1 aon oon
2 dhà ya
3 trì tree
4 ceithir Kay-ir
5 coig Koh-eek
6 sia She-a
7 seachd Sheh-chk
8 ochd ohchk
9 naoi Noo-ee
10 deich Jay-ch
11 aon deug Oon jee-ack
12 dhà dheug Ya yee-ack

Week commencing Mon 16th Jan

English Gaelic Phonetics
It is beautiful Tha i breagh (check spelling) Ha ee bree-ah
It is cold Tha i fuar Ha ee foo-ar

Week commencing Mon 9th Jan

English Gaelic Phonetics
How are you? (inf) Ciamar a tha thu? Kimmer a ha oo
How are you yourself? (inf) Ciamar a tha thu fhein? Kimmer a ha oo hayn
How are you (formal/plural) Ciamar a tha sibh? Kimmer a ha sheave
How are you yourself? (formal/plural Ciamar a tha sibh fhein? Kimmer a ha sheave hayn
I’m fine Tha gu math Ha goo ma
Very good Glè mhath Glayva
I’m tired Tha mi sgìth Ha me ski


English Gaelic Phonetics
My name is… Is mise… Is misha…
Good morning Madainn mhath Matin va
Good afternoon Feasgar math Faysgar ma



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