Gaelic for Babies and Toddlers

Over time I hope to build on these but for the moment these have come from which has the sound files so I do recommend a visit.  I’m collating them here because sometimes it’s easier to look through a list to find what you’re looking for.  I’ll gradually add the phonetics as I work them out – so if they’re wrong OR if you’re a Gaelic speaker who can help me, let me know.

Terms of Endearment – can be added to the end of sentences

English Gaelic Phonetic
Sweetheart (girl) a stubag  
Darling (boy) a mhoigein  
Darling/sweetheart (either) a ghràidh  
Girlie a nighean  
Laddie ille  

Hugs & Kisses

English Gaelic Phonetic
I love you Tha gaol agam ort  
Mummy loves you Tha gaol aig Mamaidh ort  
Daddy loves you Tha gaol aig Dadaidh ort  
Kiss for mummy Pòg do Mhamaidh  
Kiss for daddy Pòg do Dhadaidh  


English Gaelic Phonetic
There’s a good boy/girl tha sin coir  
Very good glè mhath  
That’s good tha sin math  


English Gaelic Phonetics
Good morning Madainn mhath  
Good afternoon Feasgar math  
Good night Oidhche mhath  


English Gaelic Phonetics
Where are you? Càit a bheil thu?
There you are! Siud thu!


English Gaelic Phonetics
Do you want yum-yums? A bheil thu ag iarraidh math-math?


English Gaelic Phonetics
Do you need a new nappy? A bheil feum agad air badan ùr?
We’ll put a new nappy on you Cuiridh sinn badan ùr ort!
There you go! Sin thu nis!


English Gaelic Phonetics
I know, I know Tha fiosam, tha fiosam!  
There now, hush Sin thu nis, ist  

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