Every Day Gaelic for Young Children

Some basic vocabulary you may need on a day to day basis with your young children.  Although the phrases are roughly divided up, some of them would be equally appropriate in several groups.  Once I’ve “finalised” my crib sheets I’m going to make signs for the walls to help us learn them.  Again, you can hear the sound clips for these phrases at www.gaelic4parents.com

In The Morning

English Gaelic Phonetic
What a long sleep Rinn thu an cadal mòr  
Out of bed Car aiste  
Up you get! Èirich!  
Wakey wakey! Dùisg!  

At breakfast

English Gaelic Phonetic
That’s tasty tha sin blasta
Here’s some toast Seo tost
Here’s some butter Seo ìm
Here’s some cereal Seo gràn
Here’s some milk Seo bainne
Here’s some juice Seo sùgh
Sit nicely/properly Suidh dòigheil

Getting Dressed

English Gaelic Phonetics
We’ll put on your top Cuiridh sinn ort an lèine
We’ll put a top on you Cuiridh sinn lèine ort
We’ll put on the trousers Cuiridh sinn ort a’ bhriogais
We’ll put trousers on you Cuiridh sinn briogais ort
We’ll put a dress on you Cuiridh sinn dreasa ort
We’ll put a skirt on you Cuiridh sinn sgiorta ort
We’ll put on your nightie Cuiridh sinn ort an gùn-oidhche
We’ll put shoes on you Cuiridh sinn brògan ort
We’ll put boots on you Cuiridh sinn bòtanan ort
We’ll put a coat on you Cuiridh sinn còta ort

Getting Undressed

English Gaelic Phonetics
We’ll take off your trousers Bheir sinn dhìot do bhriogais
We’ll take off your top Bheir sinn dhìot do lèine
We’ll take off your skirt Bheir sinn dhìot do sgiort
We’ll take off your socks Bheir sinn dhìot do stòcainnean

Getting Ready for Bed

English Gaelic Phonetics
Put the toys away Cuir na dèideagan air falbh  
We’ll wash your hands Nighidh sinn do làmhan  
We’ll wash your face Nighidh sinn d’ aodann  
We’ll clean your teeth Glanaidh sinn d’ fhiaclan  
We’ll brush your hair Bruisidh sinn do ghruag.  
Put that away Cuir sin air falbh.  
You’re tired Tha thu sgìth Ha oo ski
I’m tired Tha mi sgìth Ha me ski
Do you want to choose a book? Bheil thu ag iarraidh leabhar a thaghadh  
Jump into bed Leum don leabaidh  
Under the covers! Fon chuibhrig!  
Time to go to sleep An t-àm ann a dhol ba-bà  
Night, night Oidhche mhath!  

Bath Time

English Gaelic Phonetics
Daddy will lift you into the bath Togaidh Dadaidh don amar thu
Mummy will lift you into the bath Togaidh Mamaidh don amar thu
Splish! Splash! Splis splais
Look at the fish swimming Seall an t-iasg a’ snàmh
Look at the boat sailing Seall am bàta a’ seòladh
Fill the cup Lìon an cupa
Fill the bottle Lìon am botal
Pour out the water Dòirt a-mach an t-uisge
We’ll wash your feet Nighidh sinn do chasan
We’ll wash your hair Nighidh sinn do ghruag
We’ll wash your face Nighidh sinn d’ aodann
Out you get Mach leat
We’ll dry you off Tiormaichidh sinn thu
Finished! Deiseil


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