Gaelic Crib Sheets

There are so many great websites out there with lots of good vocabulary on them but I feel like I’m constantly flicking through my favourites list trying to remember where I spotted the vocabulary I want.  Sometimes it’s buried in the middle of an online learning unit, other times it’s in a random vocabulary list (rather like this one…)  Sometimes there are lovely sound clips to let you hear the word/phrase pronounced correctly, sometimes there is a phonetic pronunciation guide.  My favourite is when there are both.

I remember that when I was at school learning French I had my trusty vocab jotter which was useful though not easy to flick through and find what you needed.  Now we have technology at our finger tips, typed up vocabulary lists are easier to categorise, edit and update so I’m going to store the vocabulary that I think I need here (always assuming I can work the technology correctly…) so I can easily refer back to it.  If it helps anyone else then that’s a bonus.

I take no credit for sitting with a dictionary/fluent Gaelic speaker and coming up with these phrases myself.  I have trawled the internet for them so I’ll put up links for websites to refer to should you want to see them in all their glory.


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