Words of Praise

4 May

It’s now just over 3 months until the Monster starts school and I think it’s time to learn some words of praise for him in Gaelic.  It seems a bit nonsensical to tell him he’s done something well in Gaelic and then praise him in English when it’s not that hard to learn some new phrases.  I can use:

  •  ceart gu leòr! – right enough/all right/ok!
  • ‘s math a rinn thu! – well done!

but I’d love to expand my repertoire, which is where I’m hoping you will come in…

If you know any good (simple!) phrases to use with young children I’d love it if you could share them with me.  Just make sure you tell me how to pronounce it!

Thanks in advance…


3 Responses to “Words of Praise”

  1. kennysmith72 May 8, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    Glè mhath (very good) is a nice easy one I use at home with my girls. We have a wee song we practise with actions for learning the greetings of the day that includes glè mhath as a finish… We start with madainn mhath and do a sunrise with our arms, then feasgar math where we do a running on the spot motion with our arms and legs (because we run about and play in the afternoon – It was the best I could come up on the day we invented it!) and oidhche mhath with hands clasped under our tilted sleepy heads and then we finish off by praising ourselves with the thumbs up and glè mhath. They love it!

    • Slummy to Yummy Mummy May 8, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

      I don’t know why I forgot to list “glè mhath” amongst the phrases we know. It’s one we all use where possible, but thanks for reminding me! And thank you also for sharing your song. Which school are your girls going to/do your girls go to?

      • kennysmith72 May 9, 2012 at 9:53 am #

        Our eldest Mhairi will be going to go to Bun-Sgoil Chondobhrait in North Lanarkshire but unfortunately our three year old Eilidh will be staying at the English medium local nursery until she starts school next year as Falkirk Council only provides transport from primary one onwards. We’d have loved to have her in the excellent Gaelic nursery at Condorrat. Hopefully, we’ll get a Gaelic medium nursery and school of our own in Falkirk in the future.

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