Off to the local sgoil-àraich – Gaelic Nursery School

18 Jan

(Originally posted on Thursday 12th Jan 2012)

Well, the day is drawing near for us to head off to the local Gaelic nursery.  I went in yesterday morning to make sure all the forms were completed, to run through my son’s education plan, and to get our first “settling in” date.  So, assuming we’re all healthy, next Tuesday is our first day.  We go in for half an hour and see how it goes from there.

They were very keen for me to change from 3 afternoons to 5, and reduce his regular morning sessions to 3 instead.  I’m reluctant to do this because my son is well settled in his nursery.  He has friends, he knows the routines and he’s got the support he needs in place there.  After spending 18 months with them, I feel it would be a shame to miss out on the last few months.  Plus, at the moment there’s no guarantee that he’ll get into the Glasgow Gaelic School so I’m loathe to remove him from his current nursery.  We should hopefully know around Easter time so I’ll revisit the issue then.

In the meantime, we’re going back through our Gaelic Nursery Language Links books – written for parents of children in Gaelic nurseries but who have no Gaelic themselves( – and revise some of the phrases he might be hearing.  I’m also going to add the Gaelic numbers (and pronunciation)to his number chart in our playroom.  Together we can practise counting to ten at least.  He’s told me he’s going to teach me…

1 aon

2 dhà

3 trì

4 ceithir

5 còig

6 sia

7 seachd

8 ochd

9 naoi

10 deich

Here goes!

Mar sin leibh!


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