Cò às a tha sibh?

18 Jan

(Originally posted Fri 13th Jan 2012)

This is the “Question of the Week” on the Gaelic 2012 board on http://www.foramnagaidhlig.net/ and, although my very first Question, one that I felt I could answer.  Already, from the first couple of units on my Gaelic CD course I could understand the question and knew basically how to answer, so it should be straight forward, yes?

Clearly not for me.

The question, “Cò às a tha sibh?” asks, “where are you from?” and the simple answer to this is that I’m from Falkirk – rather prettily known as An Eaglais Bhreac, or in Scots as The Speckled Kirk/Spotty Church/Egglesbrech.  However, although I have learned a few phrases I have yet to learn enough grammar to work out quite how to structure this.

I went with:  “Tha mi à An Eaglais Bhreac, ach tha mi a’ fuireach ann an Glaschu an-dràsta,” (I’m from Falkirk, but I live in Glasgow just now,” after much debate about whether it was “Tha mi à” or “Tha mi às.”  After waiting with baited breath, a kind (and far more experienced) Gaelic speaker explained that the second sentence was fine, but the first sentence should actually be “Tha mi às an Eaglais Bhric.”  I clearly need to read up on the dative case…

So far, it looks like signing up to the Gaelic 2012 project is a good thing.  It’s going to force me to move past the basics.

I may even work out how to pronounce it all!

Tìoraidh an-dràsta!


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